Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Danger in Brokeback Mountain

For an outstanding article on the dangers lurking below the surface of the Hollywood hype related to Brokeback Mountain visit the link below.


Jen said...

Couple thoughts after reading the article...

Just as heterosexuals seek friendships with non-threatening people (members of the same sex), we've regularly seen homosexuals portrayed as doing this same thing. The sexualization of their own gender has forced them away from one another and towards those people who are unlike themselves. In doing so, they become more "homo" to the opposite gender than to their own gender. (raising a whole new issue that I'll be interested to see if sociologists pick up: what do we do about the term homosexual/heterosexual when nothing in their socio make-up makes them the same as their own gender or different than the opposite?)

I do vaguely remember some far out social commentator making some random comment about Sam and Frodo's relationship, showing that our modern understanding of older writings is completely skewed. These types of relationships among men are frequent in literature (and women as well - Jane Austen is fraught with them). I just finished "Great Expectations" by C. Dickens, and I can only imagine what some people might think about the relationship between Pip and Herbert - how they were so doggedly committed to one another and affectionate in their words. Great literature is going to be horribly misunderstood because of this "revolution".

Finally, I'm wondering how long it will take for this revolution to storm the sacred halls of women's friendships. So far, it appears to have left them untouched, but with the advent of more female homosexuality in the mainstream media (the O.C. - one of the most popular teen soaps - had a couple episodes dealing graphically with this), I'm afraid it will slowly wear away at them. We're already told that the main purpose women get together is to gossip, shop, and get pedicures, much like men are expected to get together to drink and watch sports.

The church I think has done a good job of catching this problem with the women early enough to preserve female friendships. I think women's relationships are valued in the church. So, in all honesty, way to go, church, for preserving that which is good.

Unfortunately, I think the damage to men's friendships was done well before the church saw the danger. How many men truly want deep, meaningful fellowship, but have no idea how to go about it? Even some of the most righteous men I know have learned through and through that they don't need companionship - that it's wimpy and unmanly.

Any ideas how to reclaim men's relationships in the church? What do we need to provide for our young men to fight for those David and Jonathan friendships?

ChosenRebel said...

Your comment, "Great literature is going to be horribly misunderstood because of this "revolution" is right on target.

On how to reclaim men's relationships in the church?

Here's some preliminary thoughts:
1. have every man read The Friendless American Male.
2. Have pastor's preach a series of messages on the great same sex friendships of the Bible.
3. Have men mentor (not just teach and preach at) other men about how to develop significant life long friendships that are substantive, Christ-exalting and fun.
4. Train fathers to disciple and their sons from an early age and to fight the trend of the culture.

I'll have to do some more thinking and praying about this.

Andrew Tsai said...

Fortunately, there is a deep root of Judeo-Christian values in America, and pro-homosexual voices are always answered back by traditional value holders, who know what Bible says about homosexuality. The battle between left-wing and right-wing somehow keeps the country from slipping deeper into moral corruption.

But in some countries that do not have that root, introduction of American pop culture into those countries has produced overwhelming support of political-correct agendas. In other words, there is no right-wing to combat left-wing forces.

I am from Taiwan. There is a Taiwanese news website that allow the readers to select their emotions after reading this news, and you can see the statistics. Whenver there is a news about gay activitism and is presented positively, over 90% of the readers who expressed their emotions selected "happy" or something similar.

There is a Taiwanese website that allows people to ask all kinds of questions, and experts on that topic (or anyone) can answer them. Whenever people post a question about their uncertainty of sexual orientation, or their unhappiness of gay lifestyle, over 95% of the responses say that there is nothing wrong with being gay, and encourage them to seek, experiment, or stay in that lifestyle. I have seen people as young as sixth grade, seventh grade, proclaim that they are gay, and ask people to give them ideas how to start dating the person they are in love with, or how to get him or her to be interested in them, and many would give them suggestions on how to do it.

My conclusion is:
Westernization without first having Christianization leads to faster moral degeneration.

I can't imagine how Americans would be able to stand the judgment of God for influencing other countries to embrace sinful philosophy and lifestyle.