Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More on To End All Wars

My daughter picked a winner when she recommended this book to me. There is so much to discover in it, so many surprises. One expects to learn about endurance, perseverence through trial and suffering in a book of this type [the story of a Bristish POW under the Japanese].

But I have rarely read a book that so graphically showed the simplicity and power of the gospel in such a casual but persuasive way. Men were reduced to animals by their captors and then, through the gentle faith and service of two men one a Methodist and one a Catholic, the entire camp of over 2000 POW's is transformed as they learn of the Way of the Master.

These men did not preach Methodism or Catholicism but Christ and Christ's way. Dialogue started. Questions were addressed and men found themselves falling in love with He who had come to serve rather than be served. They believed and began to follow in His steps, transforming the society of their horrific situation.

I found myself thinking of Neil Cole's book, Organic Church and some of the things I have been discovering over the last 8-9 years in my continuing study of the book of Acts. A simple (not simplistic) ecclesiology is powerful. A complex ecclesiology insulates believers and unbelievers alike from the simple power of the gospel. I will read this book again.

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