Thursday, August 03, 2006

Looking forward to October

All this heat is plenty reason to look forward to the cooler air of October but my heart is getting more and more excited for another reason. No. It's not because I will be able to watch my beloved Eagles on TV! (Though that will be a bonus.)

In October I will begin teaching through the book of 1 Peter. Already, my soul is being nourished in my advanced preparation for that series. The grand themes of Peter of Salvation, Growth (Sanctification if you want it alliterated), and Suffering just seem so timely for our church family.

We have gone through an incredibly exciting and productive period of growth this summer. Jr. High, Senior High and College ministries are all maturing at unprecedented rates. Passion for God and others is accelerated in all of these age brackets. New families have jumped into the mix of our community and brought their new gifts and talents and energy and helped us to step forward into a brighter future of service to our community in many new ways.

But I know from experience that whenever the gospel and gospel-people advance, the forces of darkness push back. I expect that to happen. You should too. For some it has already started. And that is why I am so excited about teaching 1 Peter. Its message is pregnant with truth for our time and situation. God is going to minister deeply to each of us. Please keep me in prayer. Pray that my study would be thorough, that my heart would be sensitive to His Spirit, and that my passion would be deep for the glory of God. Please pray for me and New Song Church. I covet your prayers more than you know.


halfmom said...

OK - but can I also pray that you'll listen to your wife?

ChosenRebel said...

Sheesh! Of course I will listen to my wife. She is God's gift to me. But I think I will listen to God first.

halfmom said...

You know I wasn't saying listen to her before God - SHEESH!!

I was thinking more in terms of her extra sensitivity to the ways that the Evil One might be trying to harm your health because I agree completely - the fight is on and the battle is hot and heavy - and a sickly shepherd isn't good for the sheep.

Good thing we know WHO wins in the end.