Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Resolves

Happy New Year. Not sure that anybody is interested or reading this but, personally, I'm excited about the New Year. Yes, the world is a mess. The war in Iraq is a mess. The world terror alert is a mess. But, I'm still excited about the New Year.

Probably, part of my optimism is influenced by the way the Eagles finished the NFL season and reflect my hopes for their playoff chances. But I think there is much more than that. I'm seeing refreshing things happen in people's lives. Another young man trusted in Christ the other day. He is leaving behind a drugged out past and moving forward in the light of Christ. Four people/ couples that I am counseling seem to be making real progress in aligning their hearts with the word of God. Our staff is unified and free of scandal (praise God that their has never been even a hint of scandal in the 15 years of our church's life).

My wife loves me; my kids love Jesus and are doing well in school as well as taking bold stands for Christ. Honestly, even some rude medical procedures on the horizon can't dim my hope for the new year. So here's my New Year's Resolves:

1. I will do my Christmas shopping earlier and be done before November 2007.
2. I will use my alarm clock and be more disciplined in stepping out from under warm blankets.
3. I will pray by name for every member of the church each month.
4. I will take my wife on at least two dates per month.
5. I will not gloat over Philadelphia sports teams successes. (But I will celebrate heartily!)
6. Fix the fence in my back yard.
7. I will finish my book, Devotions for an Election Year, and find a publisher before next November.
8. I will clear the drafting table in my office by January 30.
9. I will concentrate on doing what I do best and delegate more to others.
10. I will fall more in love with Jesus in 2007.


Craver VII said...

You think “Eaglemania” is not a scandal?!

I think I can help you with some of these.
1. Cross half the names off your list. I did that and it saved me soooo much time.
3. What about the members of your congregation who need prayer MORE than once each month?
6. Duct tape, my man.
8. The drafting table tilts, right? Tilt it towards the wall and just forget about whatever you had there.
Wow, I may be gifted at time management; what do you think?

ChosenRebel said...

Stick to your day job. But thanks for the laugh.