Thursday, May 24, 2007

You can do it!

Talk about overcoming obstacles! Wow.

How much can be done when we are willing to work hard and are passionate for success. How much more can be done by we who are empowered by the Holy Spirit.


HALFMOM said...

See the May 26st entry here:

it's a post you will appreciate

HALFMOM said...

As to the Utube video - I found it to be incredibly sad - such effort apparently all lost as wood, hay and stubble.

I wonder thought, if the Holy Spirit would allow this in a believer as it may may serve only to draw attention to self-determination or to personal effort and not to Christ.

What do you think?

ChosenRebel said...

Thanks for the post. I will look at it latter today.

Sad? Perhaps. Certainly that is a possibility but I really have no evidence of what his faith commitment is. But I find it inspiring on a personal level. IF such passion and creativity can be channeled on mere human energy what can be done by God's people as they trust in and rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit?

At another level, I rejoice that God gives such creativity to men and women. It is an expression of His greater glory and I think is worthy of praise.

Of course, we should all pray that such effort and skill and passion is eventually harnessed for the Kingdom.

HALFMOM said...

I guess I am coming at it from a different angle - it seems to me where there is great personal creativity, giftedness and energy, that it must first be broken by the Holy Spirit and then if He deems so, given back to the person before it can be used to make anything of significance to the kingdom - not just harnessed as it is -

or at least it has seemed to be of such a case in my own life - all natural giftedness broken and poured out, taken away and then bit by bit some was transformed and given back, before anything was useful for the kingdom at all -

in fact, I must admit that I am rather suspicious of "gifted" individuals that I haven't seen God break in this way, fearing that they are working out of their own "strength of character" and not the character of the Holy Spirit. It seems to me that pride is such a huge issue in this - and it reminds me - forgive me and do remember that I don't spell well - of Nadab and Abihuh

just me said...

Wow is right! I was very impressed with what Billy was able to do! With much determination and perseverance, we can all overcome many things. If we can only apply the same to our Christian walk and prayer life . . . what a change that would make in us all!

ChosenRebel said...

Halfmom: I'm sobered by passages like Romans 2:1-4 (esp. vs 4). God's kindness in common grace can also lead a man or woman to repentance. True, it may and probably will include brokenness at some point. But it may start with an experience of kindness and grace in the beauty of a sunset or the return of a musical ability thought lost.

HALFMOM said...

I thought of this post as I read these words yesterday in "An Arrow Pointing to Heaven":

'"I think that unless Christ is Lord of our virtues, our virtues become dangerous to us and dangerous to the people around us. I think that when Christ calls us to take up our cross, what He means is that you must die not only to whatever vices that are in your life, which He will eventually kill out, you must also die to whatever vitures that are in your life."'

I do not argue God's kindess in leading us to repentence for I have experienced it many times myself - only the pride that expresses itself in self-will - the "I can and will make this happen through the strength of my own personality and effort because I think it should".

For me, it is always about pride or fear, for I overcome nothing by perseverance and determination - I only work the hook more deeply in - only Christ overcomes.

just me said...

When we are determined and we work hard, we can overcome much in life. When we obey our Father, and are determined to stick to it, humbling ourselves at His feet, we overcome certain obsticles knowing that our Lord is at the front of the lines guiding us along the way. But we still need to recognize that.

There is fear for me as well but I also try to work hard at trying to be obedient to God. Do I fail? Most definitely!! Yet I am determined to go the distance as long as I continue to pray for strength that can only come from God. I long for the deepest relationship that I can possibly have with our Lord.

Halfmom, I really enjoy reading your responses! I like what you have to say.

ChosenRebel said...

Halfmom, I completely agree. Good to see a good discussion on rather innocuous post.

HALFMOM said...

Being of the "work hard" inclination, what I have found is that I can only sustain that for about 2 days - maybe 3 if there are no irritations or distractions - it's only when I recognize the utter hopelessness of my own ability to "work hard" and accomplish anything of worth - in myself or otherwise - that I make any progress at all