Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mom and Her Magnificent Seven

Here's a picture of my mom and her seven kids.

The "magnificent seven" title are the wistful words of one of my mom's friends when the youngest of the seven, Heather (bottom right) got married. The friend said to mom, "that's the last of the magnificent seven."

This picture was taken at Karl's (second from the left back row) son's wedding back in July of this year.

What an amazing woman my mom is. Since she was 18, her whole life has been about taking care of others, first her husband, then her kids, then her parents, then her husband's mom and aunt, then her husband again and now all of her sisters who still live in the Philly area.

Now she has seven kids and 26 grandchildren and two great grand children, who bow down and call her blessed for all the giving of her years.

Thanks mom. You're the best.


Craver Vii said...

The guy with the red shirt looks like a troublemaker. ;-)

frodo said...

Did not remember that you were one of seven. Both your mom and dad must have really had their hands full when you were younger. That's a mighty good lookin' clan!...By the way, were you adopted?

ChosenRebel said...

Talk about your hands full! The first four (back row from the left) were born in a grand total of 4 years and 24 days.

As for being adopted -- the rest of my brothers and sisters could only wish that I was. No group of younger brother and sisters ever turned out so well with such an average older brother as an exampler. Chalk that up to two great parents, and the winsome nature and example of my brother Karl (back row, bald) and great quanitites of God's grace.