Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A big welcome to the visitors from Cuba, Venezuela, and Indonesia.

Thanksgiving was a great day with family and giving thanks to God for his many blessings and extraordinary care of our family and nation.

Jimmy Rollins wins the MLB MVP, --priceless and well deserved.

The move of prayer at NSC is thrilling to my heart. First there were 10, then 70, then 115, then 72. They came to pray, not to hear a speaker, not to study the Bible, not to fellowship, not to show off their spirituality. They came simply to pray and seek the face of God.
"Oh God, increase their faith. Make us pant after You. Make us see that we can do nothing without You. Help us to remember that for You to increase, we must decrease (John 15:5; John 3:30) Make us men and women and boys and girls, who desire You and Your will more than the air we breathe. Don't let us languish in a "normal Christian life." Make us more than "mere men" (1 Cor. 3:3). Fan into a flame these embers of revival. For Your glory we ask it and in the name of Your Son, and by the blood of His sacrifice we ask it. Amen."

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