Thursday, February 28, 2008

Church Plant East of Garfield Park

Was talking to a new church planter for the westside of Chicago, (Tri-Taylor/Medical District) just south of 290 and east of Garfield Park. It is exhilarating to to talk to young couples taking risks and stretching themselves out to plant churches in neighborhoods of need.

If you know of people in that area or are interested in moving there in the next twelve months to help a new church get planted, contact me and I will get you more information on zip code 60612 and the newlywed planter who is answering the call of God there.

Pray for this brother and his new bride. They are the salt of the earth and are smiling at daunting odds because they know they have a mighty God who leads their lives. By the way, so do you. So approach today and tomorrow with hope and expand the joy you have in Christ by telling others. Go fishing for men. It is what we are called to.

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