Friday, April 18, 2008

Book Consumption

I have found a wonderful online program ( that allows me to catalog my entire library and keep better track of the resources I use forministry. I'm closing in on cataloging the approximately 4000 volumes lining my shelves (3,411 and counting). It has been a remarkable time of discovery.

  1. I own way to many books.
  2. I need to find a way to get the great ones into the hands of men and women eager and ready to apply them to their lives.
  3. Some of these books I will never use again. Sell them or give them away.
  4. I have 18 books that are 100 years old or more.
  5. One of the biggest categories of books I have are biographies. They inspire me.
  6. This program will make it so much easier to keep track of who I have lent books to.
  7. I have got to develop a "reread list."

Here's a great quote from a book with a very 70's cover from a writer most haven't heard about. The book: The Upstream Christian in a Downstream World, by Charles Dunn. The quote:

"Christianity's greatest moments, beginning with Jesus Christ and the early church, have always been while going upstream against the currents of culture."
Swim upstream brothers and sisters. Swim against the tide of a culture that wants to rip the heart out of your faith. Live passionately for and like Jesus.

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Dan Leman said...

I'm glad to see you've jumped on board. It's nice to finally have someone else who owns "Experience the Passion of the Christ." We've still got less than 800 books, but that is growing pretty quickly now that we're in seminary. One way you could make your library more accessible to others is by adding a LibraryThing search widget to your blog like I have. You can find it "Tools" tab in LibraryThing.

I love books!