Saturday, April 26, 2008

Home Again

For all your prayers, thank you. I am back from the UK, having been nourished by the work of God there and privileged to speak to men and women (brothers and sisters in Christ) who are changing the world for Jesus. May their tribe increase.

To speak to my brothers and sisters to whom God has given such large visions for his kingdom was a tremendous honor. Just among the 7 people that I interviewed after the training was the embryonic plans for over 200 churches in the UK, Europe and Africa. It was thrilling to think that each of these are now better prepared to plant church planting churches in the future.

Thank you too to Paul and Cathy Becker, NSC supported missionaries who invited me to come and help with the training. It was a fantastic experience made even more enjoyable by the fact that God did not allow London weather to live up to its reputation. The weather in fact was "lovely" as the Brits would say. I even got to spend one afternoon in downtown London visiting the sights and taking pictures.

And finally, thanks to all my new brothers and sisters in Christ who I met from all over the London area, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya even one from the USA. Dr. Kamau and Dr. Odelele, thank you for your many kindnesses and for the warmth of the people of Glory House. May God's glory be greatly expanded through all your efforts.

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Rachel Algernon said...

That's wonderful, Pastor Marty!!!!!!!!!Praise God!!!!!!!!!!