Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great New Book -Pierced for Our Transgressions

The doctrine of penal substitution states that God gave himself in the person of his Son to suffer instead of us the death, punishment and curse due to fallen humanity as the penalty for sin.

Although this is the historic Christian view, it has recently come under attack. Controversy has raged since 2003 when Steve Chalke, founder of the Oasis Trust, likened the doctrine to ‘a form of cosmic child abuse’.
Pierced for our Transgressions offers a fresh affirmation of penal substitution, engaging with exegetical, theological, pastoral and historical perspectives. It is designed to be useful for pastors, theological students, and all thinking Christians.

This book deserves the widespread circulation achieved by ... the contributions of Leon Morris, Jim Packer, and John Stott.
D. A. Carson

Pierced for our Transgressions is probably the most significant book on the doctrine... since The Cross of Christ.
Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor

There is a need for the vital doctrine of penal substitution to be clearly, comprehensively and compellingly explained. This book does the job admirably.
Stuart Townend, Songwriter

A well-thumbed copy of Pierced for Our Transgressions ought to rest on the bookshelf of every thoughtful Christian.
R. Kent Hughes

It is difficult to imagine a more important book than Pierced for our Transgressions, or a more helpful one.
C. J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries

It presents a cogent defence of the biblical and historic church doctrine, and in my view it devastates the criticisms of this position.
John M. Frame

I commend this book for its comprehensive and fair scrutiny of the many objections brought against the doctrine of penal substitution in recent years.
I. Howard Marshall

Here is a sure-footed guide to the message of the cross – and therefore to Christ himself, and ultimately to God the Trinity.
Sinclair B. Ferguson is copyright 2007 by Steve Jeffery, Mike Ovey and Andrew Sach. All rights reserved. Portions reproduced by permission of IVP.

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