Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on Schoenleber Happenings

"Marty, what is happening? Do you know what you are going to be doing yet?"
Short Answer: Yes and No.
Middle Answer: I am going to have a freer schedule to recruit, train, coach and mentor young men who want to start churches and a church planting movement.
Long Answer: Right now there are four opportunities on the radar screen.

Three different districts in the Free Church have made contact at various levels with me to ask if I would consider becoming their District's Church Planting Director. All three are very attractive and could be a very strategic way to spend whatever time God allots to me before I see Him face to face.

There is still the possibility that I might plant another church in closer proximity to Trinity Seminary (or some other seminary) so that I might have greater influence on young men considering church planting as a career.

So that makes four options that I need to pray through and discuss with my wife and family and consider.

"What does that mean in relation to pursuing a doctorate?"

Answer: No change. I will still be able to pursue the doctorate no matter where we eventually discern is God's will.

"Where is your heart right now?"

Answer: I am getting over the initial grief of needing to say goodbye to so many friends that I love at NSC and feel I am beginning to wake up to the new horizon that God is calling me to in the future.

The National Conference for the Free Church here in St. Louis has been a very encouraging time of meeting with so many former students and pastors and friends who have affirmed what I feel is God's new direction for my life. Thanks for all your prayers. All for now. My plane is getting ready to board.


Craver Vii said...

Still praying for you...

Tim said...

Thanks for the update Marty. I'm praying for you, brother.

My "vote" (as if I got one!) is for you to plant near Trinity while you pursue your PhD and then use the proximity to TEDS to recruit and train planters. But that's just my dream for you. The one that really count's is Jesus'!!

followerofChrist said...

I am praying for you! We would love to have you here in the RMD, but God will show you where. His timing is always on time too! Read the my utmost for his highest for monday july 28th at Hang in there brother, get some rest and stay in touch!

For his kingdom,


Bruce Redmond, Jr.