Thursday, July 03, 2008

Update on Schoenleber Happenings II

What is clear: "Spend your life seeking to accelerate a church planting movement in the United States and beyond. Live strategically to accomplish that goal under the guidance and empowerment of my Spirit."

What is not clear:
  1. Where is the most strategic place to live to do that?
  2. What is the best job to have to do that?
  3. What seminary offers the most open doors to do that?
  4. Is there a group of seminaries, Bible colleges and Christian colleges that would be strategic to live near?
  5. Should I plant another church to provide an incubator for church planters?
  6. Would it be wiser to plant with a reduced role from what I did when I planted New Song so that I am freer to coach and mentor others?
  7. About 200 other questions
New Opportunities:
  • Offer to preach for 3-4 weeks in Indonesia.
  • Offer to preach a 4 message retreat for a Chinese church.
  • Had interview for an EFCA Church Planting Director position for one of the EFCA districts.
  • Contacting another district that currently has no Church Planting Director.
  • Have been invited to consider coming to yet another district in the EFCA.
  • Have been challenged to consider planting a church in the Great Lakes District but closer to Trinity Seminary.

Steps I will be taking soon:

  • July 10: Meeting with a key pastor and a friend to explore the planting of a church near TEDS perhaps as early as Spring 2010. Meeting at noon.
  • July 28: Acting as a guest griller at the Mongolian BBQ in support of the Crisis Pregnancy Center.
  • August 1-2: Going to a support raising bootcamp.
  • August 11-12: Part of the teaching team for the Second Annual Transformational Expository Preaching Seminar.
  • August 18-22: Going to a Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) training event.
  • August 23: Going to the Turn-Around Summit Conference on church planting.
  • Reading 1036 pages due for my first Doctor of Ministry class in November. (Have completed about 35% so far)
  • Taking two prayer retreats. One in mid July. One in early September.

Please keep us in prayer especially during and for the prayer retreats.


Tim said...

My 2¢ worth again. I think it would be wise for you to plant with a co-pastor (near TEDS!!). Once the plant is stable, your "co" could take over the church part and you could focus on what God is calling you to. The church could be that "learning hospital" model and you'd be free to do what you're gifted at. In my opinion, this kind of thing is best done in the context of the local church.

Sorry, can't help with the other 200 questions. Well, yeah I guess I can. I'm praying for you brother. :)

And you're already starting on the DMin? Excellent!

Llama Momma said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on your happenings. We'll continue to pray for God's clear direction concerning your next step.

Steve, Anne, Asher & Baby Girl said...


Have you looked into Global Church Advancement and the D.Min in Church Multiplication at RTS in Orlando. Both are headed up by Steve Childers.

I am considering a D.Min and I am leaning towards this program.