Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Enter the conversation on the last post

One anonymous friend pushed back on something in the last post. I gave a response. Anyone want to weigh in?


Craver Vii said...

You are kinder than I am to allow anonymous comments. I read the previous post and the comments, but this is a whole other matter. I tend to delete anonymous comments. I wish they would at least leave their initials or pseudonym or something. That has nothing to do with whether they do or don't have a point... just that the element of anonymity strikes me as unfair.

ChosenRebel said...

I've struggled with that too. I generally think that unsigned pieces are usually (but not always) cowardly. And since they are not always cowardly, I opt to post them. I think in the history of the blog I have only refused to post three times.

WilyHacker said...

I think your response is fair. The AC interprets a socialistic world view as a slam on Brian McLaren's reputation. If McLaren indeed does have that bent to his worldview, then how is that a slam?

I'd agree, there is something very different when commenting on a public figure (aka McLaren) than a request for prayer for a personal friend.

Could you have made your original post without referencing McLaren. Sure, but you have given an example of an individual that has not heeded Solzhenitsyn's warnings. That makes your point more poignant.