Monday, August 25, 2008

Schoenleber Family Update

Well, the decision has been made. Drum roll please.

For the next 12-14 months I will take on the roll of "Church Planting Missionary Consultant" and be working with churches in IL, IN, MI and OH who want to plant churches and helping them to learn what they need to learn to plant a church in the next 24 months. About this time next year (2009) we will move to Vernon Hills / Mundelein, IL to lay the ground work for a new church just four miles from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity International University (Fall 2010).

The goal is to plant a church-planting church that can use its first decade to train and mentor young church planters in a real life laboratory of a new church so that they can get hands on experience in church planting. We are excited about the new adventure to which God has called us even as we say goodbye to all the dear friends that God has given us here in Bolingbrook. I hope that some of you might be able to visit sometime and that perhaps I might even be invited back to give some reports on the work that God does in years to come.

In other news: I have launched a new website at If you are seeking some guidance for your heart during this election year, I hope that you will stop by, read, leave a comment and enter the dialogue.

The blog uses that book of Proverbs and tries to ask the question, what is it that believers should look for in their leaders? It is probably not going to please many people on either the right or the left but that isn't my concern. My concern is to try to live for an audience of ONE. I hope you can visit often.


Tim Etherington said...

Hurray! Jesus answered my prayers! I'm so happy Marty. I think what you're looking to do makes much more sense in the context of a local church. And what a boon for TEDS!

What exciting news.

When you're ready for an associate pastor, give me a call. :)

Llama Momma said...

Great to hear of your plans! :-)