Thursday, September 11, 2008

At the Zoo

Had a great day at the Philadelphia Zoo and then got to visit with Pastor John Skanse who has moved with his wife Melody to the Philly area and taken on the job as a chaplain at Einstein Hospital in Downtown Philly. It was great to visit and catch up with both. They are doing well, enjoying their new jobs (callings) and beginning to get involved in a Southern Baptist church plant in Abington, PA.

Told John I would be praying that his new church becomes not only a church plant but a church planting church. Could you imagine if all of the non-diseased churches in America asked God for the vision and ability to plant a church in the next 24 months? Wow, what a thought. 200,000 or more new churches reaching out to new neighborhoods with the love of Christ.

The nation would be different in just 24 months. I want to give myself to that kind of vision for the remainder of my life be it one day or 30 years.

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