Sunday, September 28, 2008


Done. God will tell me one day if it was a job well done, but my ministry to and at New Song Church is completed. May He be glorified. The church is in the capable hands of elders and staff who love God and want to please Him. It has a new interim pastor (Marty Voltz) that will help the church through its transition to a new senior pastor and will be a marvelous servant of Christ.

God has truly smiled upon New Song Church in bringing pastor Voltz to us and I know that great new vistas of biblical truth will begin to emerge for the congregation and the community. I look forward in the years to come to hear many wonderful reports of what God is doing in your midst.

Thank you all for the privilege of serving my glorious Savior and you through these last 18 years. You are dear to my heart in ways and with memories that I can't even begin to count. God's blessing to all.


Chrissy said...

Dearest Pastor,

Thank you for being uncompromising in your preaching and for telling the Truth! You said once in your sermon and it went something like this "If you're looking for your ears being tickled, or are looking for some sermon to beat around the bush or some 'feel good' preaching, you've come to the wrong place, you can leave now . . . you won't hurt my feelings although I'd love for you to stay but you can choose whether or not you want to leave, the doors are right over there (pointing to the doors) or you can stay and hear God's Word because I am not and will not compromise the Word of God!"

THAT was intense! In fact, I believe you mentioned something like that a couple of times and that's what made me want to stay even more . . . no compromise when it comes to God and His Word. You stood firm then and you still do now. THANK YOU for that!!

And thank you for allowing us to honor you and your lovely wife at your party. It was fun and our pleasure! :)

Blessings to you and your family. I will keep you and Stephnie on my prayer list.

Goodbye seems so final, instead I will say "So long" because we will see each other again!

Much love,
- Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Marty,
Words cannot adequately express how much you and Stephnie have done for the church and for me, how you and Stephnie took the time to pray for people and listen to their concerns and needs, while always being uncompromising to the truth of the Gospel and to God's Word. Thank you so much for having been our pastor and friend at NSC. I wish you well and pray that many more lives will be postively impacted for Christ as you and Stephnie continue on your spiritual journeys.
Your sister in Christ,
Patricia (aka; Rachel Algernon)

Craver Vii said...

These past few weeks have been surreal. I was surprised at how little I felt in my heart that sad news which I knew in my head. The shock was definitely softened by the fact that God is not withdrawing from us, just because He relocates a servant. Another reason that I did not panic is that when you spoke of church planting, I really tried to take it to heart, and there were many times that I thought of the people I know and love at NSC... I would experience mini-episodes of grieving as I realized that I might have to wait until heaven to worship together with some of my dearest brothers and sisters. I just explained to someone on Monday that "just because Pastor Marty is not here now, does not mean that we will not split again for another church plant; that is a big part of who we are, and what we are about." It is a good and healthy thing, and I look forward to it.

...But I know that I'm going to miss you a lot. Your work and friendship had a strong positive impact on me.

The Lord bless you, Brother.

ChosenRebel said...

Thank you my friends. You are all very generous. I will watch with great eagerness the great things that God does in my absense. The future is always more promising then the past becasue it brings us closer to seeing Him face to face.

Slurps Alien Milk said...

It took me until the night of the celebration to compose myself enough to say goodbye. But what better a day to thank you and celebrate you, Pastor Marty, than on the day you married us! I'm greatly anticipating seeing how God blesses you in the coming years because of your obedience. God has used you in my and so many others' lives, and there are even greater things ahead. It's also a testimony to His provision for New Song Church to transition us under the leadership of Pastor Marty Voltz. He's already a man I wished I'd have known my entire life.

Ever onward,
(using the only anagram for my full name that the computer could spit up; no symbolism found as of yet...)

ChosenRebel said...

You are all very generous and I am indeed blessed to have had a congregation that delighted in hearing the word of God.

The reality is probably closer to the fact that everyone tolerated me becasue of the wonder and extraordinary qualities of my bride. I am doubly and triple blessed to have Jesus, my family, and the members of New Song as my friends.

Pray for me as I will always pray for you.