Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Message at New Song

Yesterday was my last full message at New Song Church. The next three weeks I will be on vacation and then in the fourth week I will give my last Lord's Supper message and then be on to the new adventure to which God has called us. Today the office staff came into an office completely emptied of all my things save some file cabinets and 48 boxes of books in another room that I have been given permission to store there for a few more weeks.

My office has really been empty for a month and a half except for the desk I worked at and the books and papers I needed to accomplish the last few phases of my ministry at New Song. All my prayers are for the people of New Song and the elders and staff who will lead the church in the future.

The elders are learning new levels of trust in the will of God. Pastor John has stepped up admirably as more and more counseling has landed on his desk. Jason is doing all that we hoped he would do when we hired him a year ago and our youth ministry is set to go in some exciting directions in the Fall. The office staff with Becky Howard and Jeri Colucy are a great treasure and continue to serve with joy and passion. The volunteers, too many for me to mention all their names (besides, I'd probably forget some) bring great relief and help to Jeri and Becky.

Marty Voltz, our new interim Teaching Pastor will be a breath of fresh air and new perspective for the whole church. God is going to use him in a mighty way. For all of these brothers and sisters, I ask the congregation of New Song to be patient and helpful. All of these servants of God need your prayers and support in the future. Give them both. Give it often. Give it with joy. And let me hear the report of the wonderful things God is doing in your midst.

Pastor Marty

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Craver Vii said...

I'm glad that we can still hear your messages through the NSC library.