Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spiritual Formation

"A godly man isn't someone who has arrived. A godly man is one who is well engaged in the process."
(Dr. Richard Averbeck, Professor of Old Testament & Semitic Languages at TEDS)

Some things are so obvious and yet so profound.

I was sitting in a session on "Spiritual Formation of Pastors and Churches" at the Great Lakes District Conference when Dr. Averbeck sprung this quote on me and a group of 35 other pastors. "Yeah, that's right, my spirit said," and a window opened in my heart. In blew the Spirit and a calm, peace and confidence spread over my heart. "That's what I need to help happen in the new church I plant. That's what I need to pray for the men I leave behind at New Song, and that's what I need to make sure is happening in my own life."

So pray with me, that I would be a man fully engaged in the process of becoming all that God wants me to be. Pray that I would be "engaged" intentionally, intensely, and irrevocably. Pray that I would not be lazy. Pray that I would not be flippant. Pray that I would not be distracted. And pray for every man in Christ that you know for exactly the same things.

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Debra said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! We are blessed and God is so good! I LOVE this quote from Dr. Averbeck. Awesome! That really spoke to my spirit as well ... not about arriving, but being engaged in the process. I would love to share that with your permission. Thanks!