Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Election is Over--No Panic for Christians

In response to a comment on the post three days ago I wrote about how Christians should think about the election--not how they should vote--how they should think about politics in general and the election or elections in particular.

I'm going to try and expand my own comment just a little bit here.

Christians should never be in the pocket for any party. And this side of heaven, we will always be choosing between fallen men and women. Men and women are easily corrupted by and corruptible by the quest and trappings of power. Still, the greatest indicator of future behavior, be it your children, yourself or your favorite candidate, is past behavior. It may not always be perfectly accurate to look at past votes, but it is usually a good indicator. This year is no different. I may be choosing between the lesser of two evils but I will always choose the one who says and has a track record of speaking, voting and governing for life.

Maybe Christians should start a third party. But they can't this year. This year they can't vote "present". They have to make a choice.

But I think Christians put entirely too much stock and passion into the whole political arena. Our hope should not be in politicians but in the great Physician, not in governmental structures but in eschatological promises, not in judicial appointments but in Christ, the coming judge and savior.

This is a "heart follows your treasure" problem. The more we invest in the political sphere, the more we are tempted to place our trust there rather than in Christ--this from some one who regularly blogs on hot button issues, including political issues and who has written a 160 page book of political advice for voters.

The temptation is to become consumed with our enthusiasms. The hope of the world is not Christians involved in politics in a passionate way. The hope of the world, from a human perspective, is Christians consumed with Jesus Christ. I think the most sensible and wise vote this year was McCain for President but I'm not going to start pulling out my hair if Obama is elected.

Take a look at the youtube video below. I think it is filled wisdom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGjGbZNyIBY

But whether your candidate wins or loses, and I am one who believes that one candidate would be very bad for the country, nevertheless, as a Christian, I will not panic, if my man isn't elected. Why? Because my hope isn't in a candidate. My hope is in Jesus.


A Musing Mom said...

Amen. Thank you for some calming words. I have been reminding myself over the past few weeks that God is Sovereign. No man or woman, elected or not, has any power without His say. But whether we have found favor with God in whom He allows to govern us remains to be seen.

Beloved said...

Great wisdom, Marty... all the way around. I walk the line between panic that drives me to action and assured hope in the ultimate triumph of Christ over evil. It's a constant tension between social gospel and escapist nonchalance, and neither option is available to the Christian, as you well know.

Now that Obama's The Man, it's time to do some more soul searching and praying for strength to continue to do what's right for mankind and the causes of justice and freedom—to the glory of God. I've been writing quite a bit over the past few days on the abortion issue, and uniting pro-life America across Party lines. It's no time, unfortunately, to slow down. We've got to take the little bit of line Obama has thrown to us in pledging to reduce abortions and hold his feet to the fire. Let's pray like the dickens that he's tempered his agenda as expressed to Planned Parenthood in '07.

When you get a chance (i know you're swamped!), read my open letter to him at my blog and see if we may be able to gain some traction.

For Life,