Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Perfect Sandwich

I couldn't resist putting this here from my other blog at

Here it is:

1. Two pieces of 7 grain bread.
2. Put lite mayo or miracle whip on both slices, more on one than the other.
3. Two pieces of thinly sliced Lebanon bologna on each piece,
4. One piece of thinly sliced Clearfield Brand White American Cheese.
5. Sliced Tomato completely covering the cheese
6. Salt and peper to taste.
7. Slap those babies together and cut the sandwich in half.

Accompany your perfect sandwich with either chocolate Tastykake cupcakes or Tastykake butterscotch krimpets and a piece of fruit. Wash it all down with Pennsylvania Dutch brand Birch Beer. Now that is a sandwich to savor. A little taste of heaven.

Is it too obvious that I have recently been to Philly?


Anonymous said...

First of all lebanon bologna should never come in contact with any natural foods such as lettuce. It should only be eaten with one of two condiments, butter or mustard. It can only be eaten on white Stroemann's bread. For special occassions, the bread can be the Merry go Round Stroemann's.

The only better sandwich is a grilled cheese with tomato that is eaten while waiting for the two mile relay at th Crucifixon Relays at Temple Stadium on good Friday.

ChosenRebel said...

Thanks for your comment. Strohmann's white bread is my daughter's preference as well. Mustard is good with lebanon bologna and with or with out the tomato works too, but we're talking about the PERFECT Sandwich. Try it you'll see.

You get points for mentioning the relays at Temple Stadium though.