Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Canadians Came to Us. Where Will We Go?

Canada now ranks 26th out of 28 among developed nations in physicians to population. Why? Because nearly two decades of mandatory coverage and government control of the health care industry has caused many Canadian doctors (my chiropractor among them) to either flee the country for the USA, close their practice, or retire early.

I just read one article that says part of the result of what has happened in Canada is that if a colonoscopy is part of your healthcare future, you are 16% more likely to die in Canada than the USA because of waiting lists caused in part by fewer doctors. Apparently cancer does not wait for waiting lists.

A recent Pew Institute study says that a staggering 45% of all practicing doctors “would consider retiring or closing their practice if the Barack Obama health care bill passes.” If the bureaucrats in Washington and our state legislatures have their way, we may become like Canada in ways they never intended.

Write you congressman and senators and tell them the bill before the nation is a disaster on atleast three levels.
  1. The good of the nation.
  2. The good of the economy
  3. Their politicial careers (we won't vote for them again).

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Brother Greg said...

This is an aspect that people seem to brush aside in the discussion of centralized (Socialized) health care. My doctor is in the same boat. He wants to open an ice cream shop, but I reminded him that the 'you-served-me-the-wrong-flavor,I-asked-for-a-sugar-cone, the-ice-cream-is-too-cold-and-I-froze-my-toungue' malservice insurance would kill him. He would have to wait months to be treated for a legitimate ailment, but the courts would make sure to get him in court that day to take his money and to punish a real criminal for serving cold ice cream.
I really don't believe those in Washington have our best interest in mind. I think (on a human level) that the problem is politicians have created for themselves an impenetrable fortress with absolutely no incentive to do the work of the people, but rather, to keep the landscape nice at the castle. Until that changes for them, Socialism, here we come.......