Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joe DiMaggio and Jesus

I love baseball. That's why I was looking forward to reading Richard Ben Cramer's Joe DiMaggio, The Hero's Life. Who wouldn't want to be Joe DiMaggio? For 50 years, he carried the title of the world's greatest living baseball player evne though Ted Williams had twice as many records (but no titles).

What a disappointing life. DiMaggio was a great baseball player with an incredible athletic ability and drive to win. But he was a jerk.

Vindictive, greedy, petty, mean spirited, crass, vulgar, unforgiving, unfaithful, selfish--small. This giant of a ballplayer was small. Larger than life to all appearances. Majestic in stature to the eye. Impeccably dressed, manucured for the posture of grace, but the truth is that it was all a veneer. Joe DiMaggio was a small man and nobodies friend, not even on his death bed.

Contrast his life with Jesus.

Jesus leaves the riches of heaven for the status of a bondslave. He was born in poverty. He dies in poverty, falsely accused and rejected by the very people he came to save. But today, he is exalted above every name. One day, (one day soon?) every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the true hero, that Jesus is Lord over all.

Jolten Joe is gone but Jesus is coming back.

Lord make me like you so that I never become like Joe DiMaggio.. AMen.


Rachel Algernon said...

Maybe part of the reason that Joe DiMaggio was the way he was is because no one ever taught him how to love and no one ever really showed him the love of Christ. I am not discouting the gravity of his sins, because it was grave! And he was a horrible person.....but maybe we can reach out to people who are at risk of becoming like Joe DiMaggio by showing them everyday the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and how it is to love and be loved. For myself, I hope I become more like Christ, and less like DiMaggio everyday. Though I know I am unworthy even to have Christ's blessings, I am glad that Jesus is changing me and molding me into His image.

ChosenRebel said...

I agree. That is another part of the sad story. There is no indication in the 80+ years that Joe DiMaggio walked the earth, that anyone ever took the time to declare the gospel to Joe. Let's not let that happen to our friends and family.