Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Wishes

Happy New Year. My New Year's wishes for the nation.

  1. That the nation would come to its senses and see its need for Jesus.
  2. That our citizens would be become less like sheep, wandering aimlessly after blind shepherds, and more like men and women who can think for themselves and stand up for truth and the common good.
  3. That churches would rediscover the authority of the Bible and rely less on artificial substitutes and flashy programs.
  4. That pastors in America would be less focused on growth and more focused on faithfulness to truth.
  5. That the worldwide church planting movement would flash across America and produce rapidly multiplying churches.
  6. That the Congress and the Senate would come to their senses and cease their reckless bribery policy (i.e. Healthcare [sic] Reform).
  7. That the church would rise up to the challenge of these times and live truly and sacrificially for those at the margins of society.

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