Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekends are for Reflection

I started to put this up on the blog and then remember that that one is linked to Facebook. Didn't want this going out tothe larger facebook community.

An unbelieving friend gave away her heart prematurely. She thought it was forever, maybe it was, the story's not over. But right now the raw flesh of her heart is blistered with pain.

Pray for my friend who doesn't know the comforts of the gospel or the greatness of our God.
She is another of the myriad of reasons we plant the gospel in the soil of hearts.

We really aren't called to plant churches or grow churches or revitalized churches. We are called to preach the gospel, to proclaim the soul saving, life transforming message of forgiveness offered at the cost of a bloody sacrifice.

It's foolishness what we offer the world. But it is also power and truth. So pray for my friend whose heart is broken and who needs what she has so far no understanding of.

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Anonymous said...

I will be praying for your friend that she will know Christ personally and thus know and experience Christ's love. I do feel for her too, Pastor Marty.

On another note, even though this blog is not connected to fb, it is searchable via the web and is public, so anyone could still see it. If you don't want certain people seeing it, I would suggest emailing the people on your prayer list personally about this.JMHO.