Thursday, June 24, 2010

Learn the Constitution and Live by it --- or, You are Welcome to Leave

Muslims in America are welcome to stay in America. They have the right, under our constitution, to evangelize for their worldview. There is nothing wrong, under our constitution, with them setting up booths to distribute information, celebrate Islamic culture or engaging in dialog about Islam. But many Arab Muslims in America clearly do not have any value or appreciation for the constitution as this video clearly show.

Watch the video and then take a look at this link to a better worldview. And Christian, don't let the creeping influence and intimidation of Islam in the culture and around the world keep you from loving, sacrificing for, and preaching the gospel to your Islamic neighbors. Jesus wants to rescue them as well as you from the "wrath to come." You are no better than them. Love them and preach to them for Christ' sake, for their joy, even if it costs you much.

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