Friday, August 06, 2010

Live a Better Ethical Life

Just read a long report on DIGG of a conservative attempt to censor and control the news and what articles rise to the top on and thru DIGG. This sort of thing is disgusting from a Christian perspective. Here's why:
  1. Truth only needs to be heard. We don't have to control the media for the truth of ideas to win out. Live differently. Don't be intimidates by the progressive media complex. Keep telling your conservative values to others. Eventually the cream will rise. Truth cannot be defeated.
  2. Christians are to trust in God, not their political machinations.
  3. Conservatives need to tell a better narrative. Truth will win. Just keep telling the story of limited government.
  4. Christians and conservatives need to live a better narrative. Live a life consistent with your values and the truth will win.
  5. These kind of attempts to control the media are panic driven.
  6. These kind of attempts to control the media are the play book of the progressive movement. We can't win if we emulate what is not admirable. We will win if we choose to live a better life and that includes a better ethical life.

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