Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"American Christians are More American than Christian" Revisited

Some of you know that I have another blog over at On this blog (that you are reading now) I post on "cultural engagement" issues. Things that, in my opinion, have some relevance to faith and culture. On the other blog, I post on issues related to church planting, evangelism, discipleship, making disciples, etc. = "pastoral care for church planters and missional leaders." = "cultural engagement"

Well, over at the other blog I gave information on a recent radio interview I did on Moody Radio's "Chris Fabry Live". It seems Chris had read an article I wrote titled "American Christians are more American than Christian" and thought it would make a good interview. Below you will find information from the other blog on how to listen to the podcast of that interview.

National Radio Program Discusses Chosenrebel’s Blog

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being interviewed live on the radio by Chris Fabry. The broadcast went out to all Moody Radio’s affiliate stations nationwide and you can hear the whole of the interview and the callers into the program by going to the following link–

The Podcast button for yesterday’s and all previous programs is on right side just under Chris Fabry’s picture. Chris had two guests in the first hour and devoted the whole second hour to the interview and the topic “Are American Christians More American than Christian?” (The topic was picked up by Chris from my blog.)

Hope you can tune into the podcast and that it will remind you to pray for the ministry.

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