Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Can anyone show me how to put links on this blog?


paroikeo said...

I have a harder way to do it if no one has an easy way.

halfmom said...

No, I never figured it out at all.

ChosenRebel said...

Tag. You're it. Can you put it in a Links for Dummies kind of format?

Jen said...

Here goes. I'm doing this from bloggers compose draft page. You should have a space to type beneath a toolbar of various buttons. DO NOT BE IN THE EDIT HTML FORMAT (another choice on this same page).

1 - highlight the text you would like to use to take people to the link.

2 - click on the link button on the toolbar above your textbox. From left to right, you should see "font" menu, "normal size" menu, bold button, italic button, text format button, and then comes the link button.

3 - a window should pop up asking you for the address of the website you want to link with. Type or paste that there, then click ok.

4 - Finish your post and publish.

Any questions?

Jen L.