Monday, December 05, 2005

Thinking about Worship

I yield, I yield.

Suggested by a sermon by Charles H. Spurgeon on Jeremiah 31:3
“With loving-kindness I have drawn thee.”

(To the tune of the Sovereign Grace version of "Before the Throne")

Thy law is perfect and lights the path
My shadowed soul refused to see
Blind and naked and unashamed
I ran from Thee and from Thy plan
My wandering heart tasted the fruit
That sin had purchased at great cost
But still I drifted far from Thee
From Thee who loved and cared for me

But then I saw Thy thorn scarred brow
I gazed upon Thy nail pierced hands
I fixed my eyes upon Thy feet
And then my soul cried out to Thee
“I yield. I yield, my Lord to Thee
Thy love has won my humbled heart.”
And now I long to love Thee more
Who loved and bled and rose for me.
(Repeat last stanza)

Copyright 2005 Marty Schoenleber


halfmom said...

when did you write this? it's cool - I particularly like the yield part -

I passed your message on to Angela - "thanks for returning the book, he said to tell you hi and he missed you and Leon and to please ask Christopher to let us know how he was". she smiled broadly and then said Christopher was behind on his emails - but she was still smiling!

ChosenRebel said...

I think it was about three months ago. Have a great day.

Lady Fair said...

This is very good. I love Before the Throne(from the Upwards cd).

bicterbite said...

Your poem sums it up so well. It is beautiful.