Thursday, January 05, 2006

In the CD right now

a tribute to rich mullins.

There are so many people I want to meet in heaven. But one of the people at the top of my list is Rich Mullins. God give us more Christians with his honesty and passion. God make me such a man.


halfmom said...

I think he was pretty quirky too - you did you want to leave that part out of your prayer request, right? You could make an adendum since quirky might be a bit strange in a pastor.

Anonymous said...

In your teaching do you think you are relating to the people or are they lost in a see of information and knowledge? What are the points and how do they relate to me? You seem to always encourage us to read books get smarter. Relate to someone who hates to read, like me.

ChosenRebel said...

Thanks for your question.

Generally, I think i am relating to people and I certainly try not to confuse people with a "sea of information." But inevitably, i will fail sometimes. It is the nature of communication unfortunately. Every message is different, but you go into the study to try to understand the text and then you have the problem of coming out of the study and proclaiming the truth you have discovered.

The dilemma is always that it takes me 12-15 hours of study to understand the text and now I have just 40 minutes to make it sensible to everyone else. There is both science and art to that process. And sometimes I fail in both.

As for books: You'll get no apology from me from encouraging the reading of books. The idea is not to "get smarter" for some intellectual honor but rather to become knowledgable about the will and ways of God so that we might please Him in all that we do. If you hate to read, I suggest you ask God to change your preferences, because not reading cuts you off from the wisdom of the saints that have gone before and they have much to teach us.

You may never become an avid reader, but you will be nourished with a new diet of foods previously unknown to you. Hope this helps. Pray for me, that God would help me communicate more clearly to all.

P.S. I only recommend the best books I can find!