Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How will the world know?

The following came in by e-mail. I am posting it here because it has some interesting insights and because it encourages my heart.

Hi Pastor Marty!

This is Jen S. I've been meaning to sit down and ask you this question for quite some time now. However, I thought it would be most beneficial if I searched and tried to find the answer myself.

The question is this: What else is there?

GOD deserves all of our hearts, souls, mind, and praise.I was thinking about this while I as listening to the radio. As a slight backtrack, I collect musicals. (I love them!), and I happened to be listening to one in French (or German...I think it was French). Anyway, as I don't speak French, I only caught the basic idea about what was going on. Then I thought: "Isn't this amazing? Even though I don't understand it, every word that's being sung has a weight to it, is there for a reason."

Then I thought that in light of the Bible. Every word was "hand chosen" by GOD, so to speak. Even though we may not understand what it means, or the depth that it goes, GOD knows, and there is a weight to it. GOD knows what parts of His Word we will be able to absorb like a sponge, and what parts we might question as to the meaning, but notheless, GOD is showing us Himself to us by what we don't understand.

Praise GOD that we are gifted with the lack of understanding! If we knew everything the Bible had to say, and what exactly what was meatopher or literal, then how would GOD teach us? He gave His Holy Word to those that LEARN from it. That means that although we know the basic outline, one day the whole story will come together and we will be able to truly see what GOD has done for us and fall in love with Him all the more. GOD has given us many gifts, but the gift of learning, especially when it comes to learning about Him and His great love!

That goes back to my original question: What else is there? GOD deserves nothing less the all we have to offer. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," comes into my mind. In a converstaion with a close friend of mine:

"Hey, I had a guilty conscience the other day."
"What happened?" She replied.
"Well, I was listening to the radio and I thought that 'The radio isn't going to save me when I die! I could be speanding this time worshipping GOD! What else is there in the universe that's worth my time?"
"Well, if you think that, then you might as well go into the nunnery." Was her reply.
So, I'm somewhat torn between that. (I must admit, however, that the response hit a few sensitive nerves. I was quite distraught.)

How can I show the love of Christ with a "I worship Him on Sunday's and I might read a Bible verse here or there. But my time is my time!" attitude? No! May it never be! As a flower of Christ, isn't our goal to be a "God blessed me today! I woke up which is a blessing, had a roof over my head, a family that loves me, a job...etc...!" Kind of attitude.

Which is another thing. I was also thinking about blessings and I was surprised at how much he truly blesses His children! I know it says that "All good things come form GOD." If it's in the Bible, it's true. So, EVERY good thing comes form GOD! I
thought... "Wow! I have all my fingers and toes, limbs...I have health (which is a good thing! Prasie GOD! Amen!)" Just to get past the blessing He gives me in a physical sense...how long that list is! Then I move onto the things He has blessed my with. How can you not fall on your knees and praise and thank Him? He so richly blesses His children. And also, people who are not His children. But, I think He does that to get their attention.

GOD has His children close to His heart. So, like the musicals, sort of, GOD has everything planned for us. That's a wonderful thing! Even though we don't know or undertsand, He does, and that's the most comforting thing one can ever hear.

But I guess my question then has to be: Is this the right mind frame? Am I interpreting this right? I aplogize for any typographical errors or poorly constructed
sentences. I have just been thinking about this lately and needed to get some "pastoral" advice on this. Sorry so long! Please get back to me when you are able, as I know that you are a very busy man. By the way, I saw your blog and quite like the layout. I was going to post this there, but for some reason or another, I couldn't. And, as a side note: They started making "Prince Caspin".

Again, many thanks!

Anyone want to help Jen out here? Feel free to comment. For my part Jen, I think your meditation on these thoughts is helpful. I want to go back to one particular thing that you highlighted with your friend. You are right on target with your following paragraph. For the world to see our love for Christ, they must see more than attendance at worship on Sunday and pitiful few verses read per day. The world needs to see us living for an entirely different set of values as a result of our intimate relationship with the Savior. Keep spending time in the word, lots of it. And the answers and effectiveness you seek will continue to grow.

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Craver VII said...

I am encouraged by your zeal...that you enjoy the Lord and crave more of Him!
We can find plenty of things to do to fill our time and exhaust our resources, but it's good to know that we can always be drawing nearer to Him and never cease being amazed! We can continually draw from the source of Living Water and never tap it dry!

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4