Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Experience the Passion

Experience the Passion has started at New Song. It is incredible to see all of the hours and work that our people are willing to put in for this event. This year we expect over a thousand people to come through. May God be glorified in every heart that exposed to this presentation of the last hours of Christ' sacrifice for our sins.


halfmom said...

Amazing amount of work done by the volunteers. More amazing work done in hearts - how can it be - beyond my comprehension.

Craver VII said...

How nice to see when projects like these are done with excellence and attention to detail!
I have gone through this event now for the third year in a row, and each time, I come out of it with a deeper appreciation of the magnitude of what happened on Easter week.

But as much as I love experiencing it for myself, I love it even more to talk to people who just walked through, and find out how they were moved. Often, they will answer through tears.
God is amazing in everything he does and wonderful even in who he is. By his grace, I know this; I wish everyone could know it.