Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Surprises of God

I was going to have a very long day on Monday so my beautiful and wise wife (she's a SWOG--a Super Woman of God) recommended that I take a mental break at some point and just take a walk. I did. Went over to Walmart vision center and had my eyes checked.

The doctor looked at my chart, looked at my eyes, asked me some questions, ("better one, or two ..."), looked back at her notes, said "hmm" in a kind of excited voice, looked back at the two technician reports on eye pressure and something else and then asked if I had to use reading glasses with my contacts. "Yes, all the time," I said.

She looked into my eyes with her scope, put some stuff in my eyes, looked back at ther notes, looked back into my eyes, and then announced excitedly, "your stigmatism is gone! I think we can vastly improve your vision."

She went and got a trial pair of lenses, we put them in and went back to the exam room. In the dim light of the exam room I was holding a brochure on the new lenses and could read the fine print WITHOUT my reading glasses! I was stunned.

I feel fifteen years younger, just becasue I can see. I can't wait to have a catch with my son without fear that I can't see the ball fast enough. So, for all of you who have praying about my eyes and their apparent decline over the last few years, thanks from the bottom of my heart and remember that our God reigns in heaven and on the earth. God delights in surprising his people with goodness.

P.S. I looked in the mirror. I know I'm not 15 years younger, I just feel that way.

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