Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What about those of us that married poorly?

In two weeks, I will finish up the marriage series with a message based on 1 Peter 3:1-7. I will attempt to draw out the principles that will help answer the question, "What if I didn't follow God's blueprint for marriage?"

Those who read this blog, please keep me and this message in prayer. Much needs to said. Pray that my words would be accurate, incisive where necessary, and ultimately, healing and hope giving to all. Pray that the beauty of Christ would come through both message and messenger.


halfmom said...

I think that there are a lot of people who "didn't follow God's blueprint" other than those who actually married people that they knew were nonbelievers. For example, those who were assumed by their future spouses to be believers because they went to church, or those who professed to be believers but their behavior, even in response to being confronted by church leadership over known sin, doesn't provide any evidence of actually being a believer. Then there are those who have tremendous worldly sorrow but never the godly sorrow that leads to repentence. Then there are those that married outside of the blueprint - say by marrying someone who was nonbibilically divorced and neither understood that, or professing believers who lived sinfully before they married and now, sufferering the consequences, want to do it right. I would suggest that perhaps a common theme(s) that cut across all these situations such as correct submission to authority, recognition of natural consequences when you choose the good rather than the best - might be more applicable to the congregation in general than addressing specifically thos who married nonbelievers.

Laura P said...

Glad that you will be addressing this perspective. Agree with all the comments and add what could family members/friends do to help which would draw in the entire congregation. Thanks.

Warriorrob said...

Addressing struggles that we have in marraige is absolutely essential. There are times that our spouses are at different faith levels and we have to carry and protect them. We have to meet our spouses where they are spiritually and love them to life. The only spriritual CPR that we have is love and service. I am feverishly looking forward to the next message. I listened to the whole series on CD and accidently put it on again and couldn't stop listening to it. This message on marraige is able to transform one's life. I know that we are suppose to astound our neighbors but I want to astound my spouse. I thank God each day for the powerful message and how the word of God is bringing me closer to the image of Christ. My prayers are with you.