Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Full House

My son is home for thanksgiving weekend. It's great to have a full house.

Meredith Destiny
Marty III
Aubre Treasure

We have told them all their lives that they are expected to be one another's best friends. And it is gratifying to see the prayer prayed toward that end and the teaching given as truly resulted in great relationships between them. They enjoy one another. It is thrilling to see and hear the joy they have in one another.

Marty, of course is endlessly entertaining. His stories about the cast of characters he has met at college is filled with exaggerated movements and images that bring great peals of laughter from us all and his sisters are a ready and attentive audience. Meredith is also completely captivating, not because she is funny, though she can be, but because she is fun and wonderfully sincere in everything she does. Aubre is the final treasure in our quiver. Strong willed and surprising, she is becoming a fine young women.

I am a man immensely blessed with a 3G wife (Godly, gorgeous and goofy) who loves God, me and her children. What more could I ask for? So this thanksgiving weekend, I declare my thanks again to a God who blesses even sinners like me.

Thank You Jesus for all that You gave, give and promise. You deserve all the praise and honor and glory.

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