Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thoughts from a Worship Service

This morning in worship I was struck by the meaning of the words "preparing your mind for action" (1 Peter 1:13, ESV) The idea was to "get ready for something intense" which pastor John rightly updated, "roll up your sleaves" or " get your game face on."

How we need to do this! The gospel demands it, hence the preceeding word "therefore" and yet so often we/I fail to do this. I go about my day without a mind girded for action, prepared to do battle or take advantage of any and every opportunity God might place in my path.

How different life would be if we/I heeded this call to total absorption in the demands of the gospel. I wonder how many opportunities slip by us simply becasue we are not prepared for action? How many opportunities are never given us because we are unprepared? What injustice might we have righted? What oppression might we have brought to an end? What burdens might we have bourne for our brother or sister? What kindness might we have shown to a bent or broken reed of a man if our eyes had just be focused rightly? What disheartened parent might we have strengthened if we were simply tuned-in to the Spirit's promptings?

Lord, help me to gird my mind and heart for action. Help me to prepare my soul for the righteous deeds that my sojourn will give me opportunity to do. Keep be from selfishness and disobedience and cause my heart to delight in the things that You delight in.

I get distracted by so many silly things. Help me to stay sober-minded and focused so that at Your coming, my gaze is filled with joy rather than fear. Amen.

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