Thursday, December 07, 2006

Find a Partner

Prayer is a constant battle. And that's what makes it so hard--its constancy. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, speaking of the constancy of waiting in prision made the following observation which I think applies equally well to prayer:
"Great battles are easier to fight and less wearing than the daily guerrilla war."
Isn't that our struggle with prayer? We pray most fervently when our backs are to the wall in some great struggle of soul. But in the daily grind of fighting the subtelties of temptation and the wickedness of our own hearts and inclinations, we fight less fervetly, less well.

That, brothers and sisters, is why we need accountability in prayer. Find a partner and begin to pray together for mundane things. It will change your life.


Anonymous said...

Dan says:
I see the truth in that so much. I have been facing a lot of big stuff in life as of late, and I was praying for them constantly. But now God has blessed me and brought a great deal of those struggles to a close (in marvelous ways). But now I feel a vacuum in my life, almost a depression; because now that I am out of the woods my heart can more easily be distracted from God.
So many people encourage you to turn to God in your struggles. As for me, I find it easiest to ignore Him on the mountain top, when life is 'as it should be'. In the trenches is where I fight best. But on the hilltops I'm target practice for satan.
The moral: When things look brightest, beware (be in prayer). It is from those heights that we fall.
Still, I know this, but I fail to apply it. Head knowledge is hard to turn into heart knowledge. I'm still trying to figure out why...

ChosenRebel said...

Amen brother. I wonder if trying to figure it out is even t he best tactic. I want to deal with it no matter what its cause.