Tuesday, December 05, 2006

God at Work

Great e-mail from a new member of the congregation:
as you both know, we have had a muslim refugee family living with us. and not only did they leave a hostile, life-threatening situation as dissidents of the iranian islamic regime, but they also had some of their bags stolen making the little they had...less. what a comfort it was and effective ministry to be
able in their need to bring them to the local church, our church. they were able to pick out clothes for every person in their family and even some toys for the children. they were able to see that the place where we worship, the people we are in relationship with, are the people who are directly caring for them. it's what i like to call 1 degree of separation service...the best kind. in fact, i'm convinced that is why jesus started with 12 disciples and sovereignly set up the local church...this was his preferred distribution platform...in relationship. then, we found out that world relief did not have a welcome pack with household goods and basic set up for their apartment. i communicated this to my housegroup last night and they promptly left and went straight to walmart and bought them pots, pans, kitchen utensils, sheets, blankets, towels, dishtowels, mats, hangers, toolkit, etc. etc. then they came home and were able to present it to the family personally. 1 degree of separation. it was a powerful display of the church in action. of people sitting with you, meeting you, caring about you and then blessing and serving you. i seized the opportunity and asked if we could lay hands and pray for the family and this next chapter of their life. they gladly received the prayer and were truly blessed. the mother wept at the total display of god's love through his church and our group's unconditional love for her. not to mention that [name withheld] kindly offered to fill their pantry with food and a cleaning supply starter kit.

anyway, i know someday's are hard in the ministry. some days we don't see what god is up to in his people. but i thought it may bring glory to him and blessing to you to know that this local church is living out its calling as members of His body. best,

(Names withheld to preserve and protect their blessing)
Our church family has many flaws, almost all of them traceable in some way to its pastor, but God is doing some great things in the Body of Christ at New Song. Rejoice in His work among us.

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