Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update on New Years Resolutions

Update on New Years Resolutions: (see January 2 post)

1. Good start on this. Have an number of gifts stored away in secret places.
2. Doing better but still some work to do here.
3. Only got through half in the month of January. Pray for more effective time.
4. Got this done but not very creative. Praying for some good ideas.
5. Not much to gloat about!
6. This one will happen in the summer.
7. Great progress, book should be done by end of February. Pray for a publisher by November.
8. Done!
9. Learning.
10. Learning! and excited.

1 comment:

WilyHacker said...

Of all of your resolutions, I laughed when I read #8 and said, "Yeah, right". Congrats on your success.