Saturday, January 27, 2007

Doing the Right Thing

Have had a number of responses to the last series of messages. Most have been related to the concept of "it is always right to right thing." Some have said, "I would do the right thing if I knew what the right thing was." Others have said, "I wish the right thing to do were easier to do." To which I can only add, "Amen." Others have asked questions: "How do I know what the right thing is?" "What if the right thing is going to help one and potentially hurt another?" "How long does it take to get results from doing the right thing?"

Rather than try to answer all these questions (some of which are easier than others), I thought I would try an experiment.

Let's here from the body. Exercise your royal priesthood. Take up your brothers and sisters questions and comments and try to help them with these very real and practical questions. Here's a couple of guidelines:
  1. Keep it short, no more than two paragraphs.
  2. Try to do with one question per comment.
  3. Keep it practical.

Go for it.


Llama Momma said...

Don't everybody respond at once! No comments on this great question? Where is everybody?

I hesitate to answer since I haven't heard the last few sermons, but obviously I'm not TOO hesitant, or I wouldn't be posting. "How do I know what the right thing is?" Speaking experientially (meaning I have no Bible verses to back up my answer), I'll say that when faced with two paths, one right and one wrong, often the *right* thing to do is also the harder path to take.

Dan said...

As to when we will see results from doing the right thing. Anywhere from the next second to the day you see Jesus. The right thing isn't always about results. Often, it's just about what is right and what is wrong.

clc said...

my husband was actually faced with a pretty dramatic example of this. as a CPA for a large company, he was asked by one of the president's to present some numbers more aggressively than appropriate. my hubby responded that he is not in the business of agressive accounting and the president responded that his "business" was to do what was right for the company and that's what he was paid for. hubby then told him he could do the numbers himself, he could put in the entry and put his name on it. well, for a few days it seemed to be the end of his career. but in the end, it turned out to be a real faith building experience. all executives involved are now fired or being sued while my husband's career is in tact and thriving. his clients love his truth-telling style.

i know he probably had the pressure of providing for his family and losing career opportunities over this, but i'm glad he knew in that moment that a) it's always right to do the right thing and that b) god is faithful (hab 2:4)

Mike said...

I too am not local, so I lack the context of your sermon series. That being said ...

My first reaction in hearing the "right" thing to do is to question whether what we think of as "right" really is RIGHT (Sort of like, "common sense" not being really that common). This b/c I believe sin has messed with our moral conscience and discernment, and so has church culture -- making us think things are black and white when they really are not.

I think we need to assume that the Holy Spirit WANTS to talk to us (instead of thinking that it's a test in which God maintains relational distance.) Given that it is a Spirit-filled issue, I think prayerful listening/questioning with God, filling ourselves with Scripture, consultation from people gifted with discernment, wisdom or even prophecy, clinging to God with honest faith, and pushing ourselves to a repentant lifestyle are all helpful activities to engage in to -- not only discern the RIGHT thing but also -- DO the RIGHT thing. SORRY SO LONG!

ChosenRebel said...

Some good responses here and an excellent example of trusting God. Keep taking what you think is right back to the word of God, to Godly men and women who will prayerfully listen and counsel, and keep abiding by the motto--It is always right to do the right thing.

Make sure what you think is right is right, then do it.

Craver VII said...

Why would you want to know ”the right thing?” Don’t you know that with such knowledge comes responsibility?!! I do not believe it is an easy or simple thing to gain a better than average grasp of what is right, but it is possible. I would rather ask myself, “Am I daily conforming to God’s will in whatever unglamorous and unspectacular ways it has been revealed to me?” It’s amazing how many mountains can be moved one pebble at a time.

Very well, this is what I expect would accomplish it…
1) Know your Bible and submit your will to God’s revealed precepts.
2) Study theology and church history because many issues have been resolved by greater minds than ours.
3) Read good biographies to know what is possible.

ChosenRebel said...

Lamma momma - I think there are really not that many people who visit the site.

But if you do visit--leave a comment.

Llama Momma said...

I think you have more readers than posters!