Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Former Petra Lead Singer Coming to New Song

John Schlitt, former lead singer of Petra is coming to New Song Church. You can read his biography on Wikepedia.

Here's the story. A five year old girl at New Song wrote Petra and John Schlitt a note saying how much she like Petra's music. The publicist got the note and passed it up the chain thinking it was a cute note. John Schlitt agreed and told the publicist, "Ask them if they would like a concert on March 1st. I'd like to meet this little girl." The ball started rolling and now the plan is that John Schlitt will be here for a concert on Saturday March 1, will stay over to lead worship for us on March 2 and then meet with our worship team during the second service hour to discuss what he has learned about leading worship over the last 22 years of ministry and growth in his life.

Pray for the ticket sales. We will need to sell approximately 230 tickets at about $12/ to break even. Should be a great weekend. Think of who you want to invite, non-Christians of course, to be a part of the concert and services that John will lead. He will also be giving his testimony.


Craver Vii said...


I've been a Petra fan since 1986 (before Schlitt). He has an amazing voice; I'm looking forward to it!

Eve said...

I'd love to go but live too far away-Craver, say hi for me!