Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ultimate Victory for Pro-life Movement

In an article titled "Brownback sees ultimate victory for pro-life movement" reporter Jim Brown wrote the following (1/23/2008)

Former Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback says the future of the pro-life movement rests with America's young people, and the future of the movement is to be "pro-life and whole life."

"A massive movement powered by young legs that's changing the dynamics of America." That's how Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) describes the current pro-life movement. The conservative lawmaker says the abortion rate is the lowest it has been in the U.S. since 1974, and per-capita birth rates are rising because more young people have a holistic view of life.

Speaking at the Blogs For Life Conference at the Family Research Council, Brownback expressed excitement that 80 percent of yesterday's "March 4 Life" participants were under age 25. "Life is sacred -- period," said the senator. "It's sacred unborn, it's sacred born, it's sacred here, it's sacred in the Congo, it's sacred in prison, it's sacred period -- and [these young people are] willing to fight for it and they're willing to march for it, and they believe in the cause. This is a beautiful thing. We are going to win this fight for life in the United States."

The enemy of the pro-life movement, stated Brownback, is not an abortion activist, a woman who has had an abortion, or an abortionist -- in fact, he said, it is not a human enemy.

"The enemy is death, despair, and fear -- that's what we're fighting against," he said. "We're fighting for life and hope and joy in the future ... and that's what we've got to go at and say that that's what this movement is all about. This movement is about life; it's not about declaring this person bad or that person bad. It's about declaring death bad, and fear bad, and despair bad."

Brownback shared with the conference that the fight against abortion has gone on for too long, but it is one he believes pro-lifers will ultimately win. He expressed his hope that one day the Supreme Court will declare that the right to life is a
constitutional right.

May it be O, Lord.

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Llama Momma said...

Call me a skeptic, but I don't think this war will be won in the political arena. I think it's dangerous for Christians to pin their hopes on ending abortion politically.

Ultimately, this isn't a political issue.

This battle is won or lost every day in the heart of a woman. A woman God made and loves dearly. A woman who is scared, desperate, and wondering if anyone cares -- really cares -- about her.

A woman who doesn't want to have an abortion -- I've never met a single woman who really does -- but she feels trapped. Trapped and alone.

As Christians, we need to care for these women. In doing so, we are also caring for the precious lives they carry.

And the truth is, we don't know who these women are. It could be our neighbor who has already raised three kids. It could be their teenage daughter. It could be the person sitting next to us in church.

I carry plenty of baggage on this issue -- Christians who were happy to scream in my face that abortion was a sin, but not many who were willing to be my friend (or allow their teenager to be my friend) as I carried a child to term and chose adoption. And even fewer willing to hold my hand while I grieved. And fewer still who don't shift uncomfortably in their chair when I bring it up eighteen years later. :-)

Making our churches a safe community in which to choose life is one place to start. (And I know yours is, so I'm preaching to the choir.)