Monday, July 21, 2008

College Room Mate Fighting Cancer

I'm not going to give names because I haven't asked his permission, but one of my college room mates has been in the nine year battle with cancer. He is a believer, attends a good Bible teaching church in another state and is in good spirits, thankful for his family, his church and life.

Would you pray for him? Pray that God would continue to buoy his spirit and strengthen his immune system. Pray that his testimony and courage would give powerful witness to the supremacy of Christ and that his family would find new depths to their faith.

Pray for His children, 15 and 11, who pretty much only know a Dad who has been sick. Pray that they would not lose hope or faith.


Deb Burton said...

Praying for him right now.

Rachel Algernon said...

Me too. I pray that your friend and his family will be comforted and cared for during this difficult time.