Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finding Joy in the Cracks

It is so easy to find joy in a new adventure, a new car, an unexpected compliment, a surprising letter from an old friend, a graduation, a promotion. These are expected highways for joy to travel. But I think the essence of the faith in Christ is in finding joy in the cracks and crevicies of life's journey.

Taking joy not just in the explosion of color that is Fall but in the drop of one leaf through a sunlit sky moving almost in slow motion to join its brothers in the multi-colored carpet 30 feet below where it has been for the last 5 months. God knew that leaf. He knew it from eternity, devised it to breath in CO2 and exhale Oxygen and then fall to the earth and die--a cycle of life and death working out the delicate balance of our world to produce this place "between eternities."

Wonder and time to wonder are marvelous gifts. May you take some time today to rest, truly rest in the joy of God that lies hidden in the cracks.

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