Monday, October 20, 2008

A Trophy of Grace

It's getting late. I should be heading to bed. But there is music playing and my heart is full. I saw grace today in a young girl from a horrific background. By all rights, she ought to be crushed and broken, spirit. She has endured such ill treatment by her family that any therapist would be stunned to see how marvelously she has weathered every storm.

She's not bitter. She aches for the love she was not and is not being shown and yet she rises above it. A miracle occured 8 years ago. She came to know the Savior. And her life has never been the same. She loves, she serves, she forgives and she smiles and hopes and brings joy to many. What a trophy of grace she is.

O God, show us more of such trophes. Help us to become such background-defying miracles that people marvel at who we are. And help us to turn every marveling comment back to You that You who are worthy of all honor, and power and glory receive every praise.

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