Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hunger Corps and Hands of Love America

Pastor Yugo Kobari is on the left. He is Japanese pastor of an American church and the executive director of Hands of Love America (HOLA). Hands of Love links American churches with leaders of third world churches in order to bring about total transformation of communities for the Kingdom of Christ. In the center is a M.D. from the Japan who is doing a remarkable work of bringing medical care to crisis and relief situations throughout Asia and Africa. Next to him on the right is a professor from Seoul Korea. he has come up with a barcode system that will allow supermarkets to incentivize the purchase of food closer to its expiration date by offering the consumer discounts of from 10-40%.

His system was developed after he learned two facts. Four percent of grocery market food worldwide (think western industrialized nations) is wasted because of expiration dates. One percent would feed the hungry of the world if it could be saved.
I took this picture of four Hunger Corps workers in a small Methodist church serving the barangay in Manila---three Philippino women and one Canadian. 16 of the 20 Hunger Corps workers in the the Philippines are women and they are brave, sacrificial, compassionate warriors for Christ. Each of these women are being used of God to transform lives for Jesus.

My picture of the Philippino pastor centered in the heart of the ghetto was too blurry to include here but he is a soldier for Jesus. More on their work tomorrow.

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