Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tribute to Mom

It has been great to spend most of the last 10 days with my mom and help her recover from her operation. She served her husband, her seven kids, her aging mother and father, my dad's mom and sister for 50 years. She is learning now to deal with a new "normal." Normal is now, lower energy, blurred vision, one functioning kidney and poor appetite. Tough pill for a woman who has served everyone in her life for over 50 years.

So it has been fun to give my sister a break from all the great care that she gives to mom and to serve mom myself. No amount of service can repay all that she did for us but it is good to be here nonetheless and to express some of the love that she has planted in all of her kids hearts. Mary, my sister, of course is the one who bears the larger burden and does so with great grace. That too is part of the legacy of my mother's parenting and service.

Thanks Lord, for a mother to be proud of. Give her joy, in her new "normal" and help her to adjust. Give her the strength she needs to do what you call her to do. And help we who were served by her to serve her. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

hi marty, I am visiting mom and showed her your blog. mom appreciated the nice comments. karl